Happy Birthday, Dorothy’s House!


Holy buckets, I can’t believe its already been a year since I’ve started this thing! And that it’s almost fall! Both are very exciting facts in my book. I started this here blog because I wanted to give myself a reason to write recipes down and measure out what I was making. Before this, I would just measure with my eyeballs. For the most part that worked for me, but it didn’t always yield a consistent result. It’s been fun to share old and new recipes and make things I’ve never made before. 1 year and 28 recipes later and it’s still something I really enjoy. I’m excited for what’s to come. In the meantime, grab a cuppa and stay awhile. Go ahead and make yourself Grandma Ritter’s Coffee Cake. While you’re at it, why not take a gander at the most popular recipes from this year?

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Vanilla Layer Cake with Strawberries and Whipped Cream


Good Morning and Happy Friday! Tonight’s the night of The Great British Baking Show Finals on PBS! I watched through it all the weekend the new season premiered and it was glorious. It was definitely what inspired me to make this cake. I ended up making this twice in one week because a) it’s super easy and b) I had a lot of heavy whipping cream to go use up. It’s sweet, but not too sweet and has a shedload of berries and cream.

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